hotspotmonitor 1.2.0 (en)

Hotspotmonitor measures attractive places

Which places do you find very attractive, valuable or important? And why? In this "Hotspotmonitor" you can point out your own attractive places on a map. Then you can state why you find these places attractive.

Why do we ask you to fill in the Hotspotmonitor?

Many people have clear preferences for what they find to be an attractive place, a valuable landscape or an significant area. However, with decisions on spatial policies like choosing the best locations for roads, residential areas, commercial areas, agriculture or new nature areas, these preferences are hardly taken into account. That is why the University of Groningen together with Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency initiated the Hotspotmonitor. With this instrument we can more easily find out which places people regard most attractive, valuable and significant. New spatial decisions can take this into account. Your input is of great value!

First your username

To start up the questionnaire you first fill in a username of you own choice and click ‘next’. This automatically leads you to the questionnaire.